Friday, May 31, 2013

Python at SELF 2013?

The boat...

Looks like we (Python user groups in the south east) might have missed the boat...

I'd like to be proven wrong, but there is not a single Python related talk on the whole program of SELF. There is some Raspberry Pi content and I'm sure that the Hitchhiker's Guide to Cloud Computing has to include some Python content. Anything else that I missed?

The lighthouse...

What would be an interesting concept for the community is to have a clearinghouse for all conferences and opportunities to present about Python to help community members to navigate the waters of conferences.

Perhaps something as simple as an web form / email server that receives event names with RFP and EVENT dates, and a URL. Then a Calendar gets automatically built from that, and it can be further filtered by zip code etc. FOSS and Python User group leaders can then more easily track down which events to attend and when the RFP are due.

Of course, it would require some time investment to build this, but it would be quite beneficial.

So, what do you, the reader, think of that?