Friday, September 11, 2015

Coming to our senses for Project Night Winston Salem - Sept 16th

Raspberry Pi Sense Hat, that is.

Continuing the UAV quadcopter project. We have an assembled frame, one frame ready to be assembled, we have micro sd cards ready to be flashed with different distros (we need to choose). 
I also have a Raspberry Pi Sense Hat on hand! (see: It is an amazing piece of tech, available for only $30 and it includes a gyro, compass, accelerometer, air pressure sensor, humidity and temperature and even a tiny joystick and 8x8 RGD led matrix. But wait, there is more, if you call in the next 5 minutes... :)
Seriously, there is more, an atmel microcontroller (an arduino basically) that is wired through i2c. And that can be reprogrammed on the fly from the raspberry pi... Which is basically the architecture we wanted to design for controlling the UAV!

If your interest doesn't lie in UAVs:

Do you have a project you want to show off? Or do you need a second set of eyes on your code? Would you like to hack on an open source project? Perhaps you need help getting a module on a specific platform? Don't have a project but would like to help others or to learn more Python?
Whatever the case may be, project nights are your opportunity to get some help or to help others, so bring your laptop (or Raspberry Pi or whatever device that can run Python) and let's get things going
As always, plenty of projects to work on, mentoring available and interesting conversations. 


This meeting will be on Wednesday, September 16 at 6pm in the Dash room at Inmar:



635 Vine St,
Room 1130H "Dash"
Winston-Salem, NC