Sunday, February 25, 2018

PYPTUG February Monthly Meeting: VPython (3D Programming for Ordinary Mortals)

Come join PYPTUG at out next monthly meeting (February 27th 2017) to learn more about the Python programming language, modules and tools. Python is the ideal language to learn if you've never programmed before, and at the other end, it is also a tool that no expert would do without.


Main Presentation:

VPython: 3D Programming for Ordinary Mortals

by Bruce Sherwood

The Python module vpython makes it remarkably easy to write programs that generate navigable real-time 3D animations, as a side effect of computations. This is in contrast to most 3D graphics libraries, which require as a prerequisite very high computing skills. VPython programs can run in standard Python environments such as IDLE, Spyder, or a Jupyter notebook. They can also run in mobile devices, thanks to the use of the RapydScript-NG Python-to-JavaScript transpiler. Previous short presentations on VPython focused on its architecture and implementation. This presentation will instead be in the form of a tutorial on how to use VPython. No programming background other than basic Python is required. At click "Example programs" to see a variety of applications, which run in your browser. At are instructions on installing the vpython module.

Bruce Sherwood is an NCSU emeritus professor of physics and a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He is currently the main developer of VPython. He is co-author with Ruth Chabay of the introductory physics textbook "Matter & Interactions" for science and engineering college students ( In North Carolina, this textbook is currently used at NCSU, High Point University, UNC-Greensboro, Wake Forest University, and Guilford College.


Tuesday February 27 2018
Meeting starts at 6:00PM

Wake Forest University, close to Polo Rd and University Parkway:
Manchester Hall
Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 27109

And speaking of parking:  Parking after 5pm is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The official parking policy is:
"Visitors can park in any general parking lot on campus. Visitors should avoid reserved spaces, faculty/staff lots, fire lanes or other restricted area on campus. Frequent visitors should contact Parking and Transportation to register for a parking permit."

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