Thursday, September 13, 2012

An invitation

Raspberry Pi Forever

We are inviting all Raspberry Pi owners, or those thinking about getting one, to join the user group. If you are in this area, do join!

De Facto

Python is the "de facto" language on the Raspberry Pi when it comes to hardware projects. Just a quick look at the tutorials on the web, and at kits and libraries, and Python is in the spotlight. This is bringing a whole new demographic to the Python community. Just perusing the forums of local hackerspaces, and you'll see mentions of the Raspberry Pi, and will let you discover new Python apps, utilities and libraries (Have you ever used Pronterface? PySerial?). Visiting some of the electronics kit makers and parts distributors web sites, and again, it is obvious that Python and Raspberry Pi hardware are well coupled.

Contagious fruit

Conversely, Python hackers, if you are not familiar with electronics, hardware hacking, makers and the like, you are probably in for a surprise. It is fairly addictive and quite fulfilling to be able to have a Python script to do stuff in the physical space, not just as 0s and 1s. So check it out:
Raspberry Pi foundation
Raspberry Pi Python Adventures Blog

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