Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project Night!

Winston Salem project night

We are continuing our monthly project night. We've also added this event to our meetup page:

This month it will be the 2nd wednesday of the month.

That's the 9th of october.


2nd wednesday of the month, 6pm
October 9th 2013


2650 Pilgrim Ct, 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106


Do you have a project you want to show off? Or do you need a second set of eyes on your code? Would you like to hack on an open source project? Perhaps you need help getting a module on a specific platform? Don't have a project but would like to help others or to learn more Python?
Whatever the case may be, project nights are your opportunity to get some help or to help others, so bring your laptop (or Raspberry Pi or whatever device that can run Python) and let's get things going. One project this month will be playing with debuggers.

Podemos hacer proyectos en español también. Ou même en français. Aucune excuse possible!

Other locations coming

PYthon Piedmont Triad User GroupWe are working on securing a day/location in Greensboro, and we will let y'all know when it becomes a reality.

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