Friday, January 9, 2015

January Project Night

Winston Salem project night

This event is also on our meetup page:

  As always, it will be the 3rd Wednesday of the month. That's the 21th of January at 6pm.



3rd Wednesday of the month, 6pm
January 21 2015



635 Vine St,
Room 1130H "Dash"
Winston-Salem, NC

This will be at the Inmar building in downtown Winston Salem.­


Do you have a project you want to show off? Or do you need a second set of eyes on your code? Would you like to hack on an open source project? Perhaps you need help getting a module on a specific platform? Don't have a project but would like to help others or to learn more Python? 

One project that is gaining steam within the group (lots of interest) is designing a tech payload to send into near space(, with a possibility to send it up in April as part of

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