Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PYPTUG November meeting hg repository

The November PYPTUG meeting was very nice, and we had a nice location. The conference room was full of antique furniture (chairs, couches, desks, libraries). The laptops and projector didn't even feel out of place, strangely enough.

webpy presentation - the antiframework framework
The code for this month's PYPTUG meeting (Monday, the 26th of November), is available on bitbucket. More specifically, the code for the talk. This is good background information for those who will attend PyHack Workshop #03 in January.

Solid Hg

Assuming you already have mercurial:
$ hg clone

It is in the webpy directory.

The presentation is under pyptug/webpy/diapos (from diapositive, the original word describing what are now known as slides). The file is: presentation.html


In case somebody wants to generate similar slide shows:

It is generated from the file, which is markdown: and then you run it through landslide ( ) and it'll generate an html file for you. There are other, more advanced programs that do more fancy animations, but this will run pretty much on any browser, and any computer (in other words, it runs on a Raspberry Pi, no problem).


When / if screencasts are available, I'll post them to the blog. I'll check with David if the iPython notebook is on bitbucket, and if so I'll post that link too.

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