Thursday, April 16, 2015

Why launch a balloon into near space

A Python user group and space?

If you've just stumbled on the PYPTUG website because you've heard of the imminent launch (April 21st) of Team Near Space Circus' NSC01 HAB (high altitude balloon) satellite, you'll want to read this background information as to why we decided to build one and to participate in the Global Space Balloon Challenge.

Rocket Man and the Near Space Circus

Our flight is an homage to some of the original NASA Balloon flights of 1969 described in the following 1971 NASA PDF document:

Earth Photography from High-Altitude Balloons

Finally, you'll want to marvel at how a hundred year old technology is as relevant today for near space exploration, as it was for photography back then (from ):

Vintage Kite Aerial Photography Postcard

Learn from the past - 103 years old technology in space

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